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Q: What is the R-Factor in the walls?

    A: Typically a solid log wall is not rated on the R-scale. Solid log material incorporate a term called Thermal Mass. According to the Log Homes Council (LHC), a “…log homes may be expected to perform from 2.5% to over 15% more energy efficiently compared to an identical wood-frame home.” To learn more about visit our Thermal Mass Page.

Q: What is the price per square foot? How much does a log home Cost?

    A: What are you wanting to build and where? There are many-many factors that play into the price per square foot. Giving a generic ballpark price isn’t really a good idea, a better idea is to find a plan in our catalog similar to your desires and request a free ballpark estimate. We have some customers in our area that finished under $100 per sq ft where some finished in the $200 per sq ft range. The location you build and the options you desire can alter cost considerably.

Q: Does JB Log Homes build the homes they sell?

    A: At this time we do not currently build our homes. We have an extensive knowledge in the building process that helps work with your builder. If you do not have a builder, we will work with you to find a builder that you feel comfortable with. We will answer questions and work with you through the entire building process.

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