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Kiln-Dried Solid Log

Kiln-dried solid logs are “pre-shrunk” before milling the final profile. This ensures each log used in your home or cabin is stable and uniform. No severe shrinking or warping occurs.

  1. All Timberhaven kiln-dried solid logs are graded and stamped with the Log Homes Council Certification for stress Grades. Defective logs are graded out by trained inspectors, resulting in only the best kiln-dried logs for your home or cabin. This minimizes in-service checking, warping and twisting which occur in the kilns prior to milling and final construction.
  2. The high heat used in the kiln-drying process sanitizes the logs killing mold and fungi (which cause wood decay), as well as insects, their eggs and larvae.
  3. Pitch in the wood is crystallized during the kiln-drying process, reducing the possibility of the sticky substance seeping to the surface of your kiln-dried log wall.
  4. Interior and exterior finishes can be applied immediately to the kiln-dried logs following construction, speeding up the construction schedule and providing immediate protection from the elements. Also, applications absorb deeper and last longer.
  5. More than 10,000 pounds of water are removed from the average kiln-dried log home or log cabin, significantly reducing the weight of the logs. Even the longest kiln-dried solid logs are easily handled by two people.
  6. Properly kiln-dried solid logs provide the higher insulation values, reducing energy costs and increasing the comfort of your home.

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