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Material Advantages of Timberhaven Logs

    All logs are graded by Certified Graders in accordance to the National Association of Home Builders, Log Home Council Cabin Grade material guidelines. These logs are tongue and groove, pre-cut, numbered and coded to correspond with the Construction Blue Prints provided. 6”x8” Logs are fastened together using 12” Lags, provided. All necessary foam gaskets, caulking, foam sealant and weather stripping is included.

Some of our manufacturing standards minimizing on-site labor:

  • Precut logs
  • Precut log gables
  • Precut heavy timber trusses
  • Precut heavy timber rafters
  • Precut roof purlins
  • Prebuilt roof trusses when applicable
  • Predrilled logs for lag bolts
  • Precut splines and spline slots
  • Precut butt and pass corners
  • Precut dovetail corners
  • Reverse stacking of log bundles

Log Home Plans