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When looking at log homes and their efficiency, it is important to take into account Thermal Mass, a natural property in the logs that helps keep the inside temperature of log homes and log cabins comfortable in all seasons. Log walls collect and store energy and then radiate it back into the home.

The National Bureau of Standards conducted testing on the energy efficiency of log homes in comparison to wood frame homes. The results of the study showed the overall energy efficiency is greater in a log home than a framed home. In the spring, over a three-week period, the study showed that the log home used 46% less heating energy than a wood frame home. During an 11-week period in the summer, the log home used 24% less energy to maintain a cool temperature than the wood frame home. In the winter months it used the same amount of energy to heat the log home as the wood frame home.

So what does this mean for you? You will have less expense to maintain the perfect temperature for living. There is nothing like being warm and cozy in the winter and cool as a cucumber in the summer!

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