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Kiln-dried Comfort

The process of kiln-drying removes and controls the excess amount of moisture in the wood products used to build your home, so our logs are lighter and easier to handle. The wood must be conditioned to the moisture content it will assume in the months and years after construction – otherwise it will tend to shrink and twist.

Our logs, beams and purlins are kiln-dried to an average moisture content of less than 19 percent graded by certified inspectors to meet or exceed Log Home Council standards and backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

Benefits of Kiln-Drying

Most manufacturers provide “air-dried” logs which are seasoned by simply storing them for a period of time. The moisture content of these logs is not specified or guaranteed. We believe that kiln drying produces more stable and uniform building products and is the best way to eliminate potential long-term problems with your home.

  Kiln Drying Benefits:

• Shrinking/Twisting of logs is minimized; logs are preshrunk before milling and grading by trained inspectors. Doors and windows don’t bind, and frequent caulking is not required.

• Checking (cracking) is minimized by careful drying of the logs before milling. Kiln drying allows defective logs to be graded out prior to shipment.

  • Insects, their eggs and larva are killed by kiln-drying.

• Pitch is crystallized which greatly minimizes any seepage to the surface later on.

• Preservatives/Finishes can be applied immediately after construction; they absorb deeper and last longer for a more effective treatment.

• Weight of the logs is greatly reduced; more than 10,000 lbs. of water are removed for the typical home package, and the longest logs are easily handled by two people.

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