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We are based out of Moundville, Missouri. We consult with our customers and guide them through the process that ultimately ends with the completion of their log home. Our expertise will ensure that you have the best opportunity of enjoying your home long after the keys become yours.

JB Log Homes was founded in 2006 with a goal to provide quality information to prospective log home enthusiast similar to us. In 2002 we went through the process of choosing a log home manufacturer and in July of 2003 we took delivery of our own log home package.

We designed our home almost entirely ourselves, as we did not find a plan that met our exact needs. We started with a base plan, but in the end there were zero similarities from where we started to where we finished.

We constructed a majority of our home ourselves which provided hands-on experience through an actual log home build. A traditional home building background, education, and building our own log home has led to a in depth expertise in getting customers successfully through the building of their own log home.

In choosing a log home manufacturer we didn’t just focus on the most important part of the home, the logs, but many other factors. We looked for quality of components, ease of building material, quality control of material, and a company that offered the best product and service for our investment.

Every year we evaluate other log home manufacturers before choosing our material provider. The same due diligence we went through for building our own home is applied to putting our name behind your home. We are still providing the best logs, quality components, and overall best manufacturer to our customers today. As a bonus, the manufacturer we have chosen provides the most efficient log home building process in the industry.

JB Log Homes hopes that we will gain your partnership in building a log home that will endure and provide many years of enjoyable returns on your investment.

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